Robin Hawke

Survivor Thoughts—Last Vote
May 16, 2011, 7:20 PM
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I love watching people and, because they are hungry, determined to win money and full of surprises, Survivor contestants become endearing over the course of a season. The last tribal council always surprises me, though. After all, the jury is fed and sleekly groomed. Last night, I was particularly disturbed with the disrespect shown Phillip.

Any game, any game, that takes a player to the end should be analyzed and appreciated. Phillip’s game was brilliant—he was the person everyone wanted to take to the end. He guaranteed himself a final spot to win the million. Rob couldn’t say the same and if he hadn’t been able to play the immunity idol, things might have been different. Regardless of idol play, Phillip was slated to stay.

Phillip should have gone to Redemption Island at the first tribal council. Instead, he outs the secrets of his supposed alliance. At the time, I thought it was a nutty thing to do. A few days later, I realized that it was an ingenious way of divorcing the small alliance in favor of the greater one. He demonstrates loyalty before called upon.

I wish Phillip had had a marketing guru telling him what to say to the final jury. With the right spin, a changed tone of voice, and a semblance of the sanity he has shown in outtakes—he could have won.

Phillip Sheppard survived. In my heart, too. I wish him the best and he deserves credit for playing an underdog who’s willing to rub salt in wounds. Most underdogs would be afraid to create chaos.

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