Robin Hawke

Morning Glory
May 17, 2011, 9:48 PM
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Vines, many, many vines began growing in one of the vegetable beds. I must have planted morning glories last fall. They took over, but squash seeds have sprouted. Those aren’t morning glories. Small buds promise white, insignificant flowers. I’d better find out what those things are. The vines love this rainy weather and have escaped into the weedy lawn. Buckwheat? How in the world did buckwheat get going? And why is it relegated to that bed?

Weeds are despised by people who want virginal grass. Dandelions and violets are allowed to bloom in my yard to great delight. Unfortunately, so do plantains. And the plantains in my grass have no relationship to the slowly blackening fruit on the kitchen counter.

I gave up grass twenty years ago in favor of a devil-may-care-what-will-grow attitude. It has served me well and cut down on years of fussing and fuming about weeds. These vines threaten more than the vegetable bed with their substantive growth.


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