Robin Hawke

Love Out of Step
May 28, 2011, 2:36 PM
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There was a day, playing dodge ball, when I was the last girl inside the circle. The count increased, 6-7-8. I’ll never forget a boy named Paul. Incensed that the girls might have another turn, he threw the ball at my back with such vehemence that I landed face down on asphalt.

For those brief counts, 6-7-8, I was a heroine and valued by my playmates. During 6-7-8, I was unaware of who held the ball. I was agile, speedier than a ball, better than the boys thought. Invincible, until a boy named Paul forced the air out of my slight body with a mighty overhand.

My schoolgirl crush, I called it love, on Paul was not affected. His hero status remained and I averted my gaze when he looked at me. Even then, I knew Paul’s awareness of my presence lasted a countdown, 6-7-8; it disappeared when his craw became visible on count 9.

An adequate love is a volley of affection and reason.


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