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Blog Identity
August 27, 2011, 3:01 PM
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This blog is having an identity crisis.

I’ve been given sage advice to write useful content, content that I have mastered and understood. I have many skills: software skills (Photoshop, InDesign), organization techniques, creative wherewithalls, and an evil eye for design. Writing skills are improving, so is researching the web and cooking with figs.

I thought  I would write about creativity. I set up google alerts for several topics: innovation, creative process, evaluation. (My improving research skills—bring information to my inbox rather than search for hours.) The topic offered promise, but I was bored reading about it. Its opposite (organization), even less interesting. My own creativity would burn away to smoke, if I were to examine it.

My fig chutney had too many mustard seeds; my fig pudding needed firming. (Useful knowledge: overwinter fig shrubs in Virginia by filling the interior with straw. As the straw breaks down, it keeps the shrub snugly warm.) My software skills have nothing to do with my career as a writer. After all, this blog is meant to introduce people to the romances I’ve written…so photoshop, adios.

The identity crisis continues and blog-writing skills remain in stasis.

But, one useful organization tip: When tackling an attic full of stuff, work on the messiest section first. Things in this section will migrate to other parts of the attic. Repeat as necessary. (And that’s the sum total of what I want to say–keep chipping away at the messiest stuff.)

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