Robin Hawke

Lucky Sighting
September 2, 2011, 2:42 PM
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A pinhole light zipped across the sky. Lucky voyeurs identified it as a shooting star. They were wrong. That flare would have burnt out. This remained in the heavens, out of their sight, in Superman orbit.

“So that was brief,” said Phoebe who had watched the news.

“We almost missed it.”

They looked for another whiz of motion above them, as if there should be another possible viewing. They procrastinated, attempted to name stars and went inside, leaving dark for light.

By the time the alarm went off, waking nestling bodies to dawn, the Space Station completed another five orbits.

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I enjoyed reading this- it’s topical too as the news mentioned some star that had been named after someone who spotted it. It is brilliant how different everyone’s interpretations are.

Comment by Anna

Thank you. I didn’t want to write about an alarm clock–thought about home security, red flags, fire stations–but the story unfolded in my imagination and I followed it. Thanks again. Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

What an unusual take on the prompt. Are you particularly interested in space? It’s great to see you on the 100WCGU! Hope to see you again!

Comment by Julia Skinner (@theheadsoffice)

No, not particularly. (Though I’ve always enjoyed watching meteor showers with loved ones.)

I’m looking forward to the next challenge. Thanks for the welcome. Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

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