Robin Hawke

September 9, 2011, 4:17 PM
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After weeks of rain, mushrooms appeared everywhere. Glowing fairy circles sprouted across the lawn, but only one was a complete ring. Neighboring mushrooms were red and brown and purple and yellow. They were flat and round, domed and furled. The large ones looked like umbrellas for toads; the small ones mosques for insects.

Their magical overnight appearance was their only whimsy. A close look revealed spongy, sodden flesh. It took several hours to take pictures and make notations. After returning with plastic bags and rubber gloves, I filed each one away, wondering which woodsy taste would make the best poison.


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oh, I LOVE the twist!! nice work 🙂

Comment by AuroraLee

Oh I like that ending… having a paragraph with both ‘whimsy’ and ‘poison’ was wonderful.

Comment by Tara R.

It was a fun challenge to get from one to the other, Thanks! Robin

Comment by robinhawke

ooooooohhhh – not just a naturalist, but a murderer in the making! Ahhhhhhh

Comment by barbara

I’m curious what she’ll cook…

Comment by robinhawke

so malicious. I had images of a happy Smurf village until we got to that last line!

Comment by Carrie

I know, distressing…I’ve discovered flash fiction likes to bite.

Comment by robinhawke

“I’ve discovered flash fiction likes to bite”. Ha, I love that. Great piece.

Comment by Velvet Verbosity (@velvetverbosity)

[…] it though. Some macabre, some delightfully twisted, some sweet, some comically tragic. My pick is Robin Hawke, who said, “I’ve discovered flash fiction likes to […]

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