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September 11, 2011, 3:43 PM
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It wasn’t a mirror or cupboard or rabbit hole. She didn’t require a tornado. It was an ordinary door, solid with an engraved brass knob—the type of door made to keep people and noise out.

The door swung open.

I’ve done it.

The view served up her fantasy: the moon within reach, a charm of hummingbirds, a hundred white cats, gardenias the size of frisbees. Thousands of lanterns floated in marmalade skies. So she borrowed from The Beetles—only the sky bit. The rest was hers.

I’ve done it. I really have.

She crossed the threshold, entered her making.

Immediately, her body became buoyant. With a sideways jerk, she grabbed the lintel. Her feet floated above her shoulders—I can fly.

I should name this place. The Princessdom of what? The Princessdom of Delight. No, The Princessdom of  Tenacity.

Before she let go of the doorway, she wondered how she’d get home to family, a few friends. Her fingers taut, she swung her body back across worlds…where the pull of gravity grabbed and tripped her. She landed in an ungainly heap.


Her knees bled; one elbow felt loose.

I’m going back.

And before she stood up, the door closed, disappeared.

August Challenge -- Doorways

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A beautiful and bittersweet story. I’ve often thought of writing a story about someone who had been to a place like The Princessdom of Tenacity and ended up back in the real world, and her quest to return.

I’d certainly like to know what happens next; will she be able to find and open the door again?

Comment by T. K. Guthat

And thank you for commenting on my entry for Sonia’s August challenge!

Comment by T. K. Guthat

I know she’ll try and try and try.

Comment by robinhawke

Very cool. I’m so curious about how she made the doorway and if she’ll get back. I know I’d want to try too. 😀

Comment by Sonia G Medeiros

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