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Tuesday’s Voice
September 27, 2011, 5:17 PM
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Please take off on time. The steward barely helps me. That’s all right, get everyone else settled. I’ll manage with two arms, always do.

Oh, please be on time. I  look out the window while the rest of the passengers take their seats. They wish I wasn’t on board, as if I’m not doing my best.  All I hear is the baby screaming.  It hurts, how it hurts. The tingling pressure drives me to distraction.

Please, please finish up the safety talk; make your walk down the aisle, put on your own seatbelt. I just want to open my blouse and nurse.

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Ah, a desperate new mommy. GREAT voice. You could really hear the desperation in it!!

Comment by Janece

I was going to leave her until later in the week, but desperation called.

Comment by robinhawke

Love it and have been there! Nobody likes a screaming baby and it is always the mother’s fault. Hope the plane takes off soon for her and the tingling can ease and the little one can be soothed. Great job with this voice too!

Comment by Billie Jo Woods


Comment by robinhawke

Janece and Billie Jo summed it up in their comments. Beat me to it! Another super write.

Comment by scribbla

Poor mom! I feel for her, and for her baby, too.

Comment by thewriteproject

Ah, a new, impatient desperation. Irritations very different from yesterday’s piece. You’ve drawn a clear line between two things that could easily have been really similar. Nice!

Comment by bekindrewrite

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I can imagine the strained look on her face – sweaty hair plastered to her forehead…plus what everyone else already said. Nice!

Comment by Craig Towsley

A great voice came through loud and clear.
The desperation of a mum travelling on her own with a baby. Everybody wants to stare and moan, nobody wants to help.
Looking forward to tomorrow’s read.

Comment by Mike

The desperation is clearly evident in her voice. Well written -I echo whats been said already. I love the opening line.

Comment by yikici

I have to admit, as a childless woman, I don’t have a lot of patience with noisy children. Thank you for showing me the mother’s side of the story.

Comment by R.L.W.

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