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Thursday’s Voice
September 29, 2011, 6:44 PM
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The flight attendant helps me to my seat. I try to catch a young mama’s eye, let her know I notice how she’s managing, but she’s watching out the window.

I don’t like crowds, don’t like my shoes or shuffling in line. I find myself holding that nice-looking boy, I mean man. He fastens a seat belt for me, even puts a blanket round my knees. Such an important job—I was in customer relations. They called me a Queen of Courtesy.

I never felt any desire to go visit, but, when sis died, Ruthie started hounding me with invites. My nails in my palms, I’m thinking I won’t fly again. I’m sweltering, waiting for take-off. I miss Birdie; he’s a right beautiful singer, a lovely heliotrope color.

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ohh, this voice sounds elderly to me – an elderly woman. A bit frail, a bit wandering in the past, a bit cranky 🙂

Comment by Janece

A bit wandering…yes. I only hope I’m a bit, not a lot, when I get there. Robin

Comment by robinhawke

I like her. She seems to still be a customer service person by nature in the way she notices everything around her. Be back tomorrow for sure!

Comment by Billie Jo Woods

She does try to notice everyone. Thanks! Robin

Comment by robinhawke

An elderly lady, a bit agoraphobic. I love her sentimentalism, her slightly scattered thoughts. Fantastic work.

Comment by bekindrewrite

Poor thing, sweltering under that blanket. See you tomorrow. Robin

Comment by robinhawke

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