Robin Hawke

October 1, 2011, 3:17 PM
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There was no boy happier with summer. Matt slept until noon, ate bowls of peanut buttery nuggets and napped by the pool. While Mom sunbathed and Dad played golf, he explored the woods with a slingshot.

“Cool.” Matt scraped his back on the way in, but the cave soon widened into a round chamber. An overhead crack admitted a fan of light. Blinking, rubbing his eyes, he saw sleeping dragons. Hundreds of them.

“Whoa.” Whoops, they woke and flew away, exiting through the crack. Matt clambered out—to see them in brilliant flight—but found bats catching bugs at dusk.

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The imagination of youth. I could see the ‘dragons’ sleeping before they launched off.

And whose to say that when they sleep, bats aren’t dragons? 🙂

visiting from 100 words

Comment by Carrie

I believe they are…

Thanks for stopping by. Robin

Comment by robinhawke

I love imaginative little boys – raised girls, but am blessed with 4 grandboys. LOVE.

Comment by barbara

Nice portrayal of a child’s imagination. So cute and full of nostalgia, and makes me think of what I have to look forward to as a mother. 🙂

Comment by Lazidaisical

Wonderful imagery. I like your idea of the boy seeing dragons in the cave only to find bats in the light.

Comment by Tara R.

Ah, yes. The adventures (and imagination) of youth. I can picture the scene and the surprise (maybe disappointment) of bats, not dragons.

Comment by fghart

How I wish we retained more of that childish imagination. The world is so wondrous within it.

Comment by Velvet Verbosity (@velvetverbosity)

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