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October 11, 2011, 4:22 PM
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Nancy followed her dream, saved ideas and spare money for years. Did her dream become reality? You decide.

Her fledgling shop offered the best cashmere, the softest silks, the warmest woolens. Her vision was unequivocal. No detail trivial, Nancy chose her products with precision plus an eye for the exquisite. Her displays became small works of art—enticing still lifes—capable of cajoling future customers.

The shop fulfilled her; she was proud of owning her first business. That is, until she locked the doors a final time. She could not ignore the first lesson of retail: A is for advertising.

100 Words for Grown Ups

The prompt this week is: …the alphabet….Click to read entries.


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Nicely done. I didn’t see that coming. I’m excited to read more of your posts.

Comment by Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)


Comment by Robin Hawke

How many dreams die because we forget that lesson? Nice read. I really enjoyed this.

Comment by wcdameron

I wonder whether the dream would have come any truer had she advertised and catered to clients…Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

I like the way you used the alphabet theme subtly throughout, and then gave it a great big fanfare at the end. Nicely done.

Comment by Sally-Jayne

You have a wonderful way with words. Loved the alliteration.

Comment by Dughall McCormick (@dughall)

Yours sound like music to mine! Thank you, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Awe! Poor Nancy! Nicely done in such few words.

Comment by Jennifer M Eaton

This was a super read, and a great use of the prompt. Didn’t see what was coming at all. 🙂

Comment by Anna

You built this wonderfully. I was so happy for Nancy, but then, what a sad ending! I wish she’d begun with A.

Comment by Sparks In Shadow

I do too!

I guess the moral is to build dreams without holes…but aren’t all dreams full of them?


Comment by Robin Hawke

Lovely story and a sad ending. Love the alliteration.

Comment by PollyBurns2

Clever – loved the twist x

Comment by Alison Green

Oh how sad Robyn! I could see me shopping there with all those wonderful trinkets. This is a super take on the prompt. Thank you so much for staying with the silliness that is 100WCGU!

Comment by jfb57

Nancy is a woman close to my heart…why must we be so good at everything? Especially advertising? I’d love to frequent her shop…keep her in business.

Thank you for coming by, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

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