Robin Hawke

Another Halloween
October 13, 2011, 6:27 PM
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The creepy night thrilled with moans and cries. The group of boys ran down the street lined with oaks and poplars.

A woman in strange spectacles doled out candy through the webbing that decorated her doorway. She cheated and gave the little ones a few extra chocolates. She noticed a frail, tall boy hanging back. All he had on was a Nixon mask. She motioned him forward and put some chocolates in his orange plastic bag. He nodded his thanks and turned to run off. Noticing his frayed sneakers and bare corduroys, she wondered if she should have given him more candy. From the looks of it, he was going through one of those growth spurts that swallowed every ounce of fat.

The boys knocked and rang bells, thrust forward pillow cases and plastic pumpkins, dutifully screamed thank you. They took turns with tales of razor blades or of the time they used five rolls of toilet paper. They ranged along five or six more blocks and, one by one, dropped out to head home and count their stash. Dracula went inside the house on the corner of Park and Washington. Hunchback followed Doctor into a house on Locust. Nixon walked Ghost up the path to his home, came back to join Freak, Creature and Mummy to run another block.

Past curfew, only the lanky trickster remained outside. The bag of candy hung on a swing, left in gentle motion.  The rubber mask adorned the black plastic bag of park trash.

Fishing for his jacket under a bush, Nixon congratulated himself that his skeletal body was good for something. He grabbed his keys, skulked near the trees, ran to his car, got away.

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Nicely done. I love Halloween.

Comment by Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)

Oooohh. I liked that. Super.

Comment by scribbla

I do too (to Lisa–hit the wrong reply button).

My memories of past Halloweens are equal parts awful and pure fun. Now I wonder if the fun ones were all that innocent?

Thank you both and Thanks for stopping by. Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

I hear you on the equal parts awful and fun. Love the creepy, creepy atmosphere you created. 😀

Comment by Sonia G Medeiros

Thanks Sonia!

Comment by Robin Hawke

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[…] Robin Hawke – Another Halloween […]

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