Robin Hawke

Binding Knots
October 14, 2011, 1:46 PM
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Sammy accompanied his grandfather to the clapboard shelter with two doors. The doorknob on the right was two feet lower than the doorknob on the left. Sammy stood before the right, a pleased smile on his face. Simultaneously, they reached out, opened doors and entered the workroom.

Grandfather picked up a bobbin, Sammy on his lap.

“What should we make?”

“A firefly!”

With precision, Grandfather tied a series of knots. His work was capable of fooling fish.

“You may breathe.”

Sammy’s breath lifted the insect off the table. From the doorways, they watched it phosphoresce, a dance to the setting sun.

Flash Friday

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Excellent, warm fuzzy!

Comment by jshill

This sweet little story gave the old building in the photo warmth and welcome. Good job!

Comment by kdmccrite

I’ve said before that flash fiction likes to bite…this made a pleasant change – a nibble. Thanks for visiting. Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Thanks for the input on my flash, noted and changed. Not sure how that slipped through my keyboard.


Comment by jshill

The way they always do…they are friends helping us with our thoughts, then they overstay their welcome. Glad I could help, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

This is the first I’ve read of your work, and I’d say it’s a fine introduction! I really enjoyed your story, the last paragraph in particular!

Comment by John Hardy Bell

Very beautiful and succinct! Nicely told story~

Comment by susielindau

I love how you manage to fit so much into so little space. I know I’ve said that before here, but you’re just so good at it! Awesome little story.

And the graphic advertising our 100-word marathon is very nice too 🙂

Comment by Madison Woods

If ever I wanted another 100 words…the walk up the path, the feel of Grandfather’s hands, the blinking firefly…it was tough letting some of that stuff go, the point of 100 words!

No need to thank me for a font on my computer. You do need a graphic though…

Comment by Robin Hawke


Comment by Tiyana

Love the magic in his grandfather’s hands! Nicely done. 🙂

Comment by Siobhan Muir

It has a hint of a fairy tale. I love the special bond between the grandfather and grandchild. Nicely told. 🙂

Comment by mahjira

a firefly?? how sweet is that. My favorite bit was grandpa telling him to breathe!!!

Comment by Janece

After yesterday’s visit from something more sinister, I’m glad this sweet one came through the door. Thanks everyone, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

My favorite part too — and it happens to be the hinge…Thanks for stopping by, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Hi Robin,

This had a dreamlike feel to it, just the way a grandson might remember a special grandfather. I could see them changing the doorknob height every two years or so. Heartwarming and magical.



Comment by dmmacilroy

Oh, and your choice of a firefly! Perfect. D.

Comment by dmmacilroy

Sweet! One of the best I’ve read today.

Comment by Sonia Lal

Robin, this is great. I love the moment when they reach out and open the doors together!

Comment by The Lime

Thank you!

Comment by Robin Hawke

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