Robin Hawke

NaNoWriMo Hoops

I signed up.

I’ve practiced…I’ve stood in place, bent my knees. I’ve kept my eye focused on the basket. Bend, bend. It’s rather a bouncy bend, somewhat satisfying. (Okay, the dribbles in between the bends are even more fun.)

Last night, I let go of the ball and lobbed it toward the basket. I followed through; I signed up, added my name to a long list of participating writers.

Anxious, I await the results of throwing words at paper, though all I expect is a count, 50,000 words by the end of November.

I’m not planning; I’m not plotting. I’m following through. I’m leaving my hand in the air, my wrist cocked until the ball whoofs through the net. Somewhere the score will climb, word by word. Some words I will stick, others not so much. They’ll all add up.

Then? I’ll run after that ball. collect it, go back to the line. Bend my knees. I won’t forget the backspin.

NaNoWriMo 2011

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All the best! I am signing up too…..

Comment by S

🙂 Wooo Whoo! I like it! I’m in! (Just put up the badge on my front page today…it’ll help to solidify my focus.)

I’ve never had a plan or a plot – except to just sit down and write and don’t stop until i’m at 1667 each day. LOL This time, I’m actually going to try a Light Plot, the week before. Just jotting down a few ideas, really, and see where they go.

But who knows? I might change my plans by then! LOL

Comment by Janece

I’m going to try and frontload the daily count…am I the only one worried about what Thanksgiving does to plans?


Comment by Robin Hawke

I don’t have to cook this year,so I’m good. But maybe if you can keep ahead of your word count before you get that deep into the month, you can cruise for a couple of days!

Comment by Janece

All the best!! 🙂 Looking forward to reading it!!

Comment by lynnette-net

Good luck with NaNo – I’m participating too (without a plan!). I’m bubbleboo over there if you’d like to connect – I look forward to seeing how your novel progresses over the month.

Comment by bubbleboo

I’ll look for you. It’s my first NaNo…so I’m not sure how the site works…have you participated before? Any pointers?


Comment by Robin Hawke

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