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The Autumn Leaves
October 18, 2011, 2:44 PM
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The imperturbable oaks answered the fitful wind and loosened a flurry of golden leaves. The young maple clutched one scarlet leaf, the leaf that budded the day of the cat and the quicker lizard. The smell of chimney smoke surrounded all. Branches shook; leaves drifted; trees remembered;  memories swirled aground.

100 Words for Grown Ups

The prompt this week is: …the autumn leaves….Click to read entries.

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I love how the trees have become characters in this, with personalities. Great piece.

Comment by Lisa (Woman Wielding Words)

The oaks I knew in Atlanta were imperturbable; the oaks here are younger, less remarkable, although puissant. So, with some strokes on the keyboard, I transplanted the Atlanta lot. The joys of writing!

Thanks for stopping by, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

I agree with Lisa. I love the way the trees have feelings and memories.

Comment by Sally-Jayne

I didn’t know 50 words would be so tough! I write short shorts all the time, but this one took some doing. Thanks for coming by! Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Superb, a vibrant word picture. Loved this phrase ‘The young maple clutched one scarlet leaf’

Comment by Alison Green

Some images are hard-wired into this head of mine–that’s one. I wonder which fall it was, though I know which branch,


Comment by Robin Hawke

I get such a visual from your words Robin. This was beautiful.

Comment by wcdameron

Yours was too, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

“the day of the cat and the quicker lizard”. That’s a really good line. So evocative. Is that yours? Impressive!.

Comment by ventahl

I tend to write my own words (this is said with a sense of humor as I tend not to use emoticons!) Thanks!

Comment by Robin Hawke

memories swirl aground-love it! Well done! laurie @ Battling My Inner Critic

Comment by Laurie

As a big fan of The Giving Tree, I can easily buy into anthropomorphizing plants. I dug the pell-mell execution on its experiences.

Comment by John Wiswell

love the personification of the trees. Great imagery in 50 words; it was a challenge this week 🙂

Comment by annahalford (@anhalf)

OHHHHH, beautiful! When I used to walk our local park during all the seasons, I seemed to pick out the trees that would have that last hold-out of a leaf on their branch. Your story gives new personality and meaning to those pictures in my head. Well done!

Comment by Janece

This is really lovely, especially how you have personified the trees. Wonderful take on the prompt!

Comment by bubbleboo

It’s the smell of the smoke that got me with this one Robin. Great imagery & all in 50 words!

Comment by jfb57

This is fantastic. Amazing imagery and depth is created in this piece. You can actually smell Autumn with this. Excellent.

Comment by Susan Mann

I love the poetry of this. All those memories of life “swirled aground.”

Comment by Sparks In Shadow

Thank you everyone! Appreciate all the comments, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

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