Robin Hawke

October 21, 2011, 3:46 PM
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The artifact topped the shrine in his studio, one marble in a growing collection. The orb inspired him.

Jason adjusted his flame, reached for a stick of white glass. When the glass glowed, became transparent, runny, his free hand dipped in green water, searched for the slimy mold; its contact with molten glass produced the enticing smell of burnt cherry. Next, his creation rode the edge of the flame in constant revolution, maintaining its spherical perfection while a scatter of colored glass melted smooth. The following day, Jason sandblasted his creation with coarse grit—until it became one more copy.

Flash Friday

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aha — and the marbles will multiply! Beautiful description of the melting glass.

Comment by The Lime

Thank you! Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

I like the creative bent of the narrator to make something new, inspired by something old.

Comment by Madison Woods

That would be Jason’s saving grace…now if he would only use that talent to build on the past. Thanks Madison!


Comment by Robin Hawke

Burnt cherry. Now that’s imagination at work.



Comment by dmmacilroy

Wish I could take credit, but cherry wood molds are used by many makers, though graphite molds are popular.

Comment by Robin Hawke

“Next, his creation rode the edge of the flame in constant revolution…”

Loved that bit especially. 🙂

Is this something you’ve done before, Robin, working with glass? ‘Cause it kind of sounds like it!

Comment by Tiyana

I’ve never made a perfect sphere, but I have made a marble…thanks! Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Fascinating, and very imaginative! I like how the marble inspires him to create something new.

Comment by Thomma Lyn

Too bad it’s a copy! Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Perfect little story. Tight and as spherical as the marble!

Comment by Lindaura Glamoura

This one proved how valuable 100 words can be–abridging the marblemaking process pushed me to describe three or four steps in one sentence. Thanks!

Comment by Robin Hawke

I enjoyed this one, although I thought he was making stained glass windows until I got to the comments (no idea about glass making other than sand heat = glass)

Comment by chriswhitewrites

This is a great use of the prompt. I always regret not learning how to blow glass when I was at the UW. Your story took me alongside gave me a glimpse of what I missed! Very nice!

Comment by susielindau

Technically, the process described above is called flameworking. It uses the techniques of glassblowing, but on a smaller scale, in front of a torch flame. A soldering iron is used in stained glass to connect the banding metal–no direct flame.

I should have resisted such an ambitious take on the prompt…I didn’t tell much of a story; the flameworking process consumed words. Anyway, if I’ve passed on a bit of info, maybe it will help another writer some other day…


Comment by Robin Hawke

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