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Deadlines and NaNoWriMo
October 24, 2011, 8:45 PM
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I’m imagining the participants of NaNoWriMo, all us writers, staring at our desks in horror. A horror that will grow through Halloween night.

The practical, bills and groceries, last edits, and the impractical, dazed thoughts, are bumping one another, screaming for attention.

I’m resisting the dazed thoughts. I want to experience my first NaNo without predetermination. Despite the severity of my intent, incubation begins, immediately followed by, “Oh, no…to do, to do, to do…”

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I have to say, I’m more excited about starting this year of Nano than in any other of the prior years. Not sure I can pinpoint why, except the plot. I actually have a little bit of a preconceived notion about where I’ll be going this trip. LOL 🙂 Are you writing under your given name? I keep checking for the Buddy system to be up and running. Maybe it is today (a couple of days away from the computer, and I feel behind!!)

Comment by Janece

Not sure my username is Robin Hawke or robinhawke…either way, I’m ready to get started.

Comment by Robin Hawke

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