Robin Hawke

November 1, 2011, 8:42 PM
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Advancing, advancing, the snow is amassing—  
Dampening sound also sight.
In winter we shiver afore the brutal,
deadly coma of white.

100 Words for Grown Ups

The prompt this week is: …21 winter we shiver….Click to read entries.

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From what I hear, in some parts it could be “in autumn we shiver”. Like it!

Comment by ClaireMcA

So true, Virginia missed this latest mess…Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Well worth the resultant headache 🙂

Comment by Taochild

Love the phrase, coma of white. Really well constructed piece 🙂

Comment by annahalford (@anhalf)

Good one! Deadly coma, indeed.

Comment by Sparks In Shadow

Wow, brilliant. Having had two snowy winters in the UK, I can relate well to this piece.

Comment by Alison Green

I love “deadly coma of white” definitely shivery.

Comment by Lisa Wields Words

Thanks everyone…almost had to change it when line 2 refused to come together, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

I agree with everyone else – love “deadly coma of white”!

Comment by Sally-Jayne

What they all said – especially about the deadly coma of white. Love it.

Comment by Midlife Singlemum

I really like the result here, Robin. So evocative of winter.

Comment by bubbleboo

This one hits close to home….I am dreading the season of white. Great job, Robin!

Comment by wcdameron

It scans beautifully and ticks all the boxes! Great writing.

What they all said ^

Comment by Dughall McCormick (@dughall)

Love the line ‘deadly coma of white’ – great originality.

Comment by Joanna Burns

I love the images you have given us here Robin especially ‘the coma of white’. It made me think of the snow we had last year & how everything stopped but were not dead. Thank you so much for taking up the challenge each week.

Comment by jfb57

ooh predicting another hard winter! Hope it’s not quite that bad!

Comment by Mrs TeePot

‘coma of white’ inspired, Robin. Brutal!

Comment by ventahl

Excellent. A hard task, beautifully executed.

Comment by Lynda Dixon

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