Robin Hawke

In the Wings
November 2, 2011, 9:29 PM
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“Places.” The stage manager watched the three dancers approach to take the stage. When they hit their marks, he cued the atmospheric lighting. The familiar, strange vibration sprang through the air. The music, a siren’s snare, began softly, slowly. He gave the signal to lift the curtains. The one on the end, Lisa, she danced for him. Every minute on the stage, her attention was honed to capture his. It was one of the riddles in the dark how she shifted his attention from his job to her performance. How she knew he watched one dancer, one dancer, her.

Every night, Lisa enchanted the man in the wings.

Martin conducted the action, always pretending to look at his notes; he knew this dance by heart. His cues fed off her movements; the other dancers incidental to the drama that filtered under his skin, Lisa rode through his blood faster than cancer. He imagined pulling her off stage, swinging her into his arms, kissing her neck. By the end of the dance, he was in love, her mad trophy. His breath ragged, he gasped the final, “Curtain.”

“Stage lights.” She walked by. The clinging jersey outlined her long shapely thighs. Dancer’s legs. She had them. Yes. She did. They stirred his interest, but not his soul. The lights glared, lights that disintegrated her charms, ended her performance, even if they didn’t answer riddles. Just in case, he avoided the poorly lit cast party, preferring the arms of his wife.

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Oh wow. Powerful piece. Strong characters, strong emotion in so few words! I can see them both so clearly. I doubly love his victory in the end.

An excellent piece on its own – that you completed it amidst the craziness of NaNo – incredible.

Comment by bekindrewrite

High praise! I thank you. Wanted to do some flash today, but every day I’m weaker…Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

[…] Robin […]

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