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NaNoWriMo: The First Week
November 7, 2011, 2:31 PM
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My goal for NaNoWriMo, for the fifty thousand words that become draft zero, was to write clear prose.

I’ve succeeded. If I look at word statistics, I’m writing prose that a third-grader understands. It is approachable and juvenile. My protagonist acts like a playground bully.

I confess: I’m mystified.

I’m meeting goals; I’m following the story; I’m developing characters and situations; I’m discovering; I’m writing.

Part of me, the part that knows I’m writing aggressive dreck, is learning that the relationship between myself and my story is far more sincere and honest than with any other story I’ve told. Words, expectations, resolutions, judgments can’t cloud what happens when I sit down to add another thousand words. That’s good right?

Part of me, the part that intends to take draft zero to completed manuscript, is completely befuddled. How will I manage to jump from inane, remember it is third grade stuff, to something of value to adults? Do I even want to? Is this whole process something of value to one single person, me? Despite quarantining my inner censor this month, those judgmental thoughts tickle my worry.

I begin to understand why so many NaNovels are discarded.

Feel free to add me as a buddy if I haven’t found you…

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It’s a journey to some kind of awakening, and not necessarily the route to a polished novel. 🙂 Enjoy the revelations, great blog post.

Comment by ClaireMcA

I’m sure it’s hard… that’s why I’m reverse nano-ing… I’m using November to Cut words from my nearly finished novel rather than writing a new one. This is just as hard a task as writing fresh.

Comment by Jennifer M Eaton

Wishing you every success, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Wow, you have a gorgeous blog!

Comment by WhitneyCarter


Comment by Robin Hawke

It’s worth it to prove to yourself that you are a writer. A successful NaNo doesn’t automatically make you a published author, true enough, but there is a legitimisation that goes with it when you can say, yup, I wrote a novel.

Comment by sterlingsop

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