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When We Write
November 8, 2011, 9:46 PM
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When we write, we communicate. When we communicate, we share ideas. When we share, we partake. When we partake, we discover. When we discover, we learn new things. When we learn, we understand. When we understand, we give back. When we give, we help. When we help, we answer hope. When we answer hope, we teach. When we teach, we change. When we change, we inspire. When we inspire, we incite transformation. When we incite, we succeed. When we succeed, we fulfill. When we fulfill, we reflect. When we reflect, we write. Lest we forget, when we write, we communicate.

This came out quickly—but I wasn’t going to argue during NaNoWriMonth, a month when words write themselves if we’re lucky.

100 Words for Grown Ups

The prompt this week is: …lest we forget….Click to read entries.

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When you write, you are right. Wonderful piece.

Comment by Lisa Wields Words

Like the way the end comes back to the start – full circle.

Comment by Sally-Jayne

Since you mentioned the word “NaNo” in your post, this counts towards your word count 😉

When you communicate, I’m inspired.

Comment by Janece

Omigosh, Robin, this is GREAT! You should make this permanent somewhere on your page. This is like an anthem.

Comment by Jennifer M Eaton

Reminds me of Gertrude Stein 🙂

Comment by ClaireMcA

This is one of those pieces that slip out fully formed. I added three words and was done…as a result, I have no love for it. Why are the pieces that require angst loved? Don’t both types originate and form in the same place? I ought to celebrate ease as well as difficulty, but I don’t.

Thanks for your cheers, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

It’s interesting, Robin. I tend to love the pieces that just pour out of me, channeled from creative energy, more than the ones I angst over. What does that say about our approaches to writing?

Comment by Lisa Wields Words

That we both discriminate?

Comment by Robin Hawke

You are quite right on this. I never know what people are going to like.

On the piece above, you know that you are getting very close to poetry. It is perfectly correct to write it the way that you did, but it would be even better as a poem.

Comment by cmmarcum

I don’t think of myself as a poet, and yet I knew all that grey space (I do think of myself as an artist) of similar words was somehow wrong! Thank you.

Comment by Robin Hawke

Wow, sometimes just 100 words says so much more.

Comment by Ronnie/Hurtled to 60

I love the wholeness of this piece achieved throught the full circle – no escape from writing, communicating, learning, teaching, ….

Comment by Midlife Singlemum

This is beautifully put together, very well done.

Comment by Lorely

When you write, I learn. Thank you for the lesson!

Comment by wcdameron

Communication is the catalyst. I hope we never forget it.

Comment by Sparks In Shadow

Love this…you’re right…sometimes you just have to write down what comes…we can over analyse and lose that energy through over editing. Great stuff.

Comment by annahalford (@anhalf)

I know what you mean about pieces that are easy to write. I do love the ones that make me work, choosing my words. It is as if I love them more for having cost me more of myself.

Comment by Alison Green

Love the structure and content Robin

Comment by gsussex

I’m not sure this would slip out of me fully formed. More like breach birth with plenty of struggle. Followed by surgery.
Admire those who seem to tap into some secret hidden reservoir and gems just seem to flood out. I dont think this is something that I would ever have the patience to deliver, but a credit to those who can. 🙂

Comment by ventahl

Surgery…my favorite. Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

If these are the sorts of words that are pouring forth Robin, you must be having a very creative time! I loved this. I got quicker in my reading as I reached the end. Brilliant!

Comment by jfb57

Congratulations on your word count. Yippee! Nothing like success!

Comment by writingfeemail

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