Robin Hawke

Cutting Edge
November 9, 2011, 3:39 PM
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His lust for the good life was evident in the luxury that surrounded him. His possessions were of the finest quality: touched with gold, they were made by the finest craftsmen, their beauty durable and precious. But old age nipped at his thoughts like the dust that silted his stash. He fumed that the advisers, doctors and scientists of his time were so ignorant. And they had the nerve to bill him for premium services. They padded themselves with learning, but they knew nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

He should know; he traveled the thin path between life and death.

The spark that kept him conscious neither weakened nor strengthened. The only thing he ever wanted, the wish that consumed his thoughts, was to die. He’d leave these possessions behind—without second thoughts. If only he could free himself of the linen bandages that confined him. Stretch. Move. Then he could take off, leave this perfumed world for one without sickly smells.

Now that he was being shuttled from place to place, his interest in life picked up. He welcomed his visitors, the ones that stared in return. He cheered when new doctors examined him, studying his DNA. Even that grew old. All things grow old.

Young Amen-tut-ankh made his daily prayer to Amun-Ra. “Please my god, find a way to free my soul.”

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Oh, yeah! I absolutely love your perspective – it’s so creative. And thought provoking. I couldn’t help but think “wonder if???” when I realized this consciousness was coming from a mummy.

Comment by Janece

Wow! Awesome! 🙂 Love reading! 🙂
I changed my url by the way!

Comment by lynnette-net

I couldn’t find it…help, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Fascinating piece!

Comment by bekindrewrite

Wow, really nice!

Comment by WhitneyCarter

[…] Robin […]

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Well, at least he’s not angry for being removed from his tomb. That would have been a problem, for sure. Enjoyed. 🙂

Comment by Kay Camden

Oh wow, how did you think of that!

Comment by Stella

I don’t know. I often don’t know the twist when I begin to write. In this case, I associated a rich man with the prompt, that led to amassed wealth, led to the Egyptians. For a long time, this piece was about inventorying the wealth found in a tomb. Gold pieces stacked on one another, gathering dust. Somehow I got back to the mummy’s point of view…

Comment by Robin Hawke

A great piece of writing Robin.
A clever idea so very well executed.

Comment by Mike

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