Robin Hawke

Solitary Confinement
November 12, 2011, 3:59 PM
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I can’t forgive myself for what I’ve written this month of November. I hang my head with shame.

If I maintain my current NaNoWriMo progress, my self-imposed confinement ends in four days. Escape is in sight, but my fingers are lethargic. Tempted to write 6,000 words today, to make a last effort to finish in two days, I resist because of my experiences with gorging. A few of my writing buddies envy my steady progress. I envy what they must be writing; their words must be better than mine.

I’ve looked inside, found the blank slate, rubbed it.  My words come because I chain myself to the computer, resist food and water and email. But I have nothing to say. I sit. I wait for words. I type.  I don’t stop. I don’t get up. I wait for words. The discipline trains me.

I grant I’m in training—but not to write better prose, or a better story.

I’m in training to last out blocks, to push past dumb, to lower expectations. It is a small window in a large cell. In four days I win my freedom, no longer an innocent.


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You mean you are only 6000 words away from the goal of 50,000? And I thought I was doing good in the twenties – which I need to update on my nanowrimo word count. I’ve had a big day today – more than 4,000 additional words. And I’ve been toying with the idea of another novel which came to me overnight and I’ve penned the beginning of. I just have one question – do you write full time?

Comment by writingfeemail

I’m 12,000 + words away; my goal (which I keep making) is 3,000 words a day. (I knew I had to get it done before taking off at the end of this month.)

I’ve never written more than four hours a day, is that full time? (I’m one of the chronically underemployed.)


Comment by Robin Hawke

Robin, that’s amazing. You know how I feel about NaNoWriMo, but you have to give yourself a break. Look at it this way, in 6000 words you can go back to perfecting it, and say, I have completed a novel. That’s incredible. Great work.

Comment by Lisa Wields Words

It’s okay. No break needed. I’m on the home stretch. I think being in solitary is an unusual benefit of the experience; I’ve never had to dig so deep, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Powerful! I was envious of your progress, but what a price you’ve paid. Freedom is soon yours! Promise to visit the rest of us who are hoping for our eventual release.

Comment by dolly doormat doesn't live here!

You are one of the reasons I wrote this.

It’s a promise. (I’ve looked for you under nodollydoormat on NaNo, but couldn’t find you; will visit your blog.)


Comment by Robin Hawke

You put me to shame!! I’ve been too tied up with an upside down house to write much on my NaNoWriMo challenge and I’m so far behind my predicted date of finishing is sometime in the next millennium….*sighs*….

Good luck for the final pull!

Comment by sterlingsop

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