Robin Hawke

November 18, 2011, 4:53 PM
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He was a weasel. My boyfriend. He slithered whenever I wanted to talk. I asked for help with the dishes—he left with a grin and something important to do. Things were so bad, I pondered a Dear Weasel letter. But, he’d see me through another fit before sidling, a fistful of hair left behind.

The coarse brown hair reminded me of something. I found a riding stable, rented a horse, followed a trail, and plucked a long tail. The weasel hair, the horse hair and one piece of bamboo made the perfect calligraphy brush. The ink was my ire.

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Wow, I can feel the fury and I love the last line “The ink was my ire”. I also liked you took the prompt in a very different direction. Well done, Robin. 🙂

Comment by Siobhan Muir

A fistful of his hair? 🙂 Interesting to think about how that came to be!

Comment by Janece

That’s an outlet, certainly.

Comment by John Wiswell

Loved the line, “The ink was my ire.” Three letter words starting in ‘I’, each powerful in their own way and capable of leaving indelible marks of the fabric of your world. Well done.



Comment by dmmacilroy

I thought she was getting ready to make something magical, powerful. And in a way she did just that. Loved the ink of ire.

Comment by Madison Woods

The stories I’ve been telling this last week have a transparent link to my relationship with writing during NaNo–I hope what comes is magical and powerful!

All I notice: she doesn’t begin to write the letter.

Comment by Robin Hawke

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