Robin Hawke

December 2, 2011, 5:39 PM
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A ten minute wait turned into thirty. Finally, a banking representative approached Robert and motioned him to take a seat.

“How may I help you?”

The representative cocked her head as if listening intently.

“I used to have a coupon book. To pay my mortgage. On occasion, I would come inside, here, and pay Mary, the teller, with a deposit slip. All I required was my account number.”

The representative began to smile. “Yes?”

“Now, I receive a monthly statement. It’s four pages long—and I’m no longer allowed to use my coupon book or a teller. I have to wait for this statement in the mail.”

“As you know, our bank was purchased and with the purchase came different methodologies.”

“My complaint is not merely the inconvenience…”


Robert felt as if he were talking to an answering machine.  “This new system is wasteful—four page statements, instead of narrow coupon slips. Three of those pages relay redundant information. Not to mention the extra postage your bank is paying to deliver four sheets of paper every month.”

“I understand. I apologize for the inconvenience.”

Robert wondered, Why is she smiling? “I’m bringing to your attention that the bank’s new policies are a waste of money and natural resources. I would hope this information gets passed up the chain to your superior.”

“Yes, sir. Is that all, sir? Do have a good day.”

Robert picked up his jacket. The representative called the next customer.

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The amount of waste in our society and the loss of human interaction is just depressing.

Comment by Lisa Wields Words

You picked up that once upon a time he knew his teller’s name…good catch. Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

He could opt for e-statements….

Oh, no. They’ve gotten to me, too.

Comment by bekindrewrite

Yep, then there’s the riff how they continue to collect through automatic withdrawals for six months after a death…Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Just the tip of the iceberg, and all the more sinister because it is so close to truth.
Reads like the beginning of a dark story.

Comment by Kirsten

[…] Robin […]

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