Robin Hawke

December 3, 2011, 5:14 PM
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I get ruffled by the monotony. Soon, agitated and dreaming of escape, I circle the perimeter of my tiny cell. It is my exercise, this search for freedom. Under the cover of darkness, I sleep. Calm. Even dreams don’t disturb the dark.

My captors bring breakfast with daylight. It is expected. We have a loose agreement: I charm, they feed.

My gaze fixes on the narrow door. It opens. I scoot through. At last, I flitter free. This time, they’ve shut power to the overhead fan where I prefer to perch. And preen my feathers in the wide open world.


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Another prisoner, another slave…

Comment by columbibueno

Sounds like a parakeet. I used to let mine out because they love to sit on the curtain rods and once they got outside all the way to the real world. They flew around free and seemed so happy. I hope they survived. Your story reminded me of how sad I felt when I saw how happy they were to be free.

Comment by Madison Woods

Ah, the sweet embrace of freedom. Not where I though this was going at all! Enjoyed it, but I always feel 100 words is too brief…

Comment by chriswhitewrites

I read this earlier but couldn’t comment so I had to return because it is just a great piece of writing. So descriptive and yet, I didn’t see it coming which made the escape to flying freedom even more spectacular.

Comment by Lisa Wields Words

I didn’t see the last paragraph coming. You set it beautiful. Awesome descriptions.

Comment by Lance

Love the twist! Great job 😀

Comment by AuroraLee

Lovely! I keep returning to the line, “It is my exercise, this search for freedom.” That one speaks to me 🙂

Comment by dolly doormat doesn't live here!

I alternate between that and the loose agreement. Thank you, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

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