Robin Hawke

A Tree
December 16, 2011, 4:40 PM
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Georgia’s favorite part about love was the freedom it gave her to be sentimental. That says it all, doesn’t it? She dredged old memories, mining them for romance. Georgia even asked a farmer to bring ugly trees to market. Every Christmas, she rushed to his stall where he twirled each pathetic specimen for her serious consideration.

So, there it stood, a fussed over weakling, the symbol of another tree found on an adventure trespassing between cow patties. Always a bald, scrawny thing, the tree never helped me recapture romance. What did an eyesore have to do with my sweet love?

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Hi Robin,

You’ve a way with words, you know that? Nice story.



Comment by Douglas MacIlroy


Comment by Robin Hawke

Love is in the eye of the beholder. Fun story, Robin. 🙂

Comment by Siobhan Muir

Sentiment for one can make a life, but it can be harder to share. I’m on board with that, and wish tolerating the positive sentiments of as many as possible.

Comment by John Wiswell

The first sentence said it all, “love was the freedom it gave her to be sentimental.” Lord knows, we all need the freedom to be sentimental without shame or embarrassment. Well said.

Comment by Russell

I’m with Russell. The first sentence said it all and I loved it so much. My only crit is the use of ‘Georgia’ twice in the same paragraph. Great story, Robin!

Comment by Madison Woods

I wouldn’t have hit that sentence in another month…thank you all, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Wow! Some how you managed to make Romance work with a scrawny Christmas tree! Well done!

Comment by susielindau

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