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7 by 7 Award
January 5, 2012, 7:22 PM
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Thank you Janece, another award! Chain letters get consigned to trash, but blogging awards are accepted with warm gratitude. It’s nice to be noticed. It’s a welcome pleasure to visit the blogs recommended by the donor.

This award is particularly appreciated. It directs me to stories that fell off into the archives. In retrieving these chestnuts, I’ve noticed my fondness for them even though they could all do with more editing. And after I laugh, I respond, “Leave them alone—let them be—onward! Stay with the future.”  These are my choices; you might disagree:

Most Beautiful

Most Helpful

Most Popular

Most Controversial

Most Surprisingly Successful

Most Underrated

Most Prideworthy

As I part ways with these stories once again, my 7 nominations send this award on ahead. (I’m closing blog eyes in case you’ve received an award recently. And, never mind if the award is not accepted; know that I like hanging out on your blog with or without awards.)

girl walks in


Linda Cassidy Lewis

The Authentic Life

embrace and evocative

My Other Book is a Tolstoy



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Congratulations on the 7×7 award! I really like the link idea and enjoyed reading the stories you selected in each category from your archives. Looking forward to checking out your nominations too.

Comment by snagglewordz

This may be my favorite award for those very reasons. Thanks!

Comment by Robin Hawke

thank you so much for the nomination. I’m honored and love learning about blogging with you!

Comment by mgazzolo

Kicking and screaming toward a replete tech future…

Comment by Robin Hawke

Congrats on the award, Robin!

Comment by Jennifer M Eaton

Loved all the links, nice reference to your work and a rereading prompt is always great for seeing how far we have come. Onward!

Comment by ClaireMcA

Thank you. Sorry it took me so long to get here to say that.

Comment by Linda Cassidy Lewis

No worries. I procrastinate my last duty–that of telling people. I never know how it will be received!

Comment by Robin Hawke

Awesome, kudos! That recognition makes a huge difference in how you approach blogging, doesn’t it?

Comment by WhitneyCarter

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