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Six Word Stories, December
January 10, 2012, 3:07 PM
Filed under: Six Word Stories

I write a six word story every day for DIY Romance. In the past I’ve gathered together a week’s worth to post on this site. That’s changed with the new year. Now, I’ll gather a few of my favorites from the past month to share. If you enjoy six word stories, and wish to receive daily doses, wing on over to DIY to subscribe. Otherwise, join me here with a monthly dip in the pool:

Their commute became his or hers.

Their timing produced an underdone mess.

Easy loving was hard on Minnie.


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Comment by lorrelee1970

For some reason the ‘underdone mess’ really saddens me.

Comment by Indigo Spider

Very cool. I love the first one imagining a couple breaking up over a job. Or being forced to take separate subways after a breakup.

Comment by Kourtney Heintz

Thank you everyone for the comments.

I read through several of my six word stories today…they all suffered from the comparison to the one that came before or after. It seems that a six word story likes all the attention.

Comment by Robin Hawke

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