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A Not So Kreativ January
January 19, 2012, 4:12 PM
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I’ve lost my rut. Between NaNoWriMo, painting, holidays and the paper cluster that is end-of-the-year January, I’ve thrown a switch. I’d like my writing rut back, please. If I could linger with a beautiful word, turn a sentence five ways, take risks with punctuation, I know my rut will reappear in the criss-crosses of doing. Instead, I find myself stressing over events next summer or a desk littered with last year’s receipts.

I’m reminded of something Robert Redford said. I’ve researched, but can’t find the exact words, so must paraphrase and regard my memory as adequate:

“You can’t do your best work unless you are relaxed.”

This may be why I enjoy writing when I first wake up, before the morning bowl of cereal, after the warmth of coffee—it is when I’m most relaxed, before the day’s activities have reminded me of how much I’ve left undone. I’ve rushed over this time this January, but an award has come my way that reminds me to dig in.

And, now, to do,  the Kreativ Blogger Award:

Thank you jmmcdowell.

To learn ten (or more) new things about me, visit this page.

To receive (at your leisure):

1) hyperbatic

2) the yellow kite

3) chriswhitewrites

4) A Side of Writing

5) Scriptor Obscura Writes

I chose these five because they’re working their ruts into pleasant byways, enjoy!


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Thank you so much for giving me this award and for thinking of me here, I really appreciate it! I am truly honored that you should think so highly of my blog and my writing. Thanks again.

Comment by Scriptor Obscura

Congrats and relax already.

Comment by lorrelee1970

Thanks! Your blog would have been on this list but for the awards you received 1/9-10, congrats yourself!

Comment by Robin Hawke

That peaceful time before the rest of the world awakens is one of the most wonderful moments to find words.
Don’t worry, I think your rut will find you when you are not looking for it.
In other words…relax. 🙂

And thanks for the links. I always love discovering a new blog!

Comment by Kirsten

You and Robert are right.

I’m usually itching to write all day, so when I finally sit down with my WIP something’s about to blow. On the rare occasion I can stay awake, the most profound rhythm kicks in about 1 or 2 hours later, and the words and ideas just pour out in the most perfect way.

I never understood why that rhythm would kick in like that, but now you’ve given me the answer. It takes that long for my mind to settle, for me to relax.

Comment by Kay Camden

Such a nice time to write u choose 🙂
I get those itch to write and cant sometimes too 🙂

Comment by ladywhispers

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