Robin Hawke

January 24, 2012, 3:40 PM
Filed under: Three Sentence Stories

Me, I’m the girl who wore boys’ underwear. Well, they were snug and stayed on my legs. The flap, when I thought of it, needed improvement—other than that, they fit me.


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Men’s clothes really are more comfortable in so many ways.

Comment by Lisa Wields Words

For what it’s worth, Robin, I never once used those stupid ‘flaps’ growing up and still haven’t to this day. Nice story.



Comment by dmmacilroy

hahaha This was AWESOME! I used to wear boys jeans back in my teens, because they fit me better (not much in the ‘hip’ department back then…I was sort of straight with wide shoulders) But its’ the deeper resonance of this that I like …for a long time I thought I would have made a better man than a woman. Not in a “I’m trapped in the wrong body” sexual identification way. Just the way I thought…the way I processed life and interacted with others. I have a lot of “Yang” energy 🙂

Here’s to all the girls who like wearing boys undies (maybe under their pretty red dresses ;-)..)

Comment by Janece

To ying, to yang!

Comment by Robin Hawke

haaha, I love boys shirts 😀

Comment by alltimescout

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