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Award Season, is it 2012?
February 3, 2012, 10:59 PM
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I’m finally picking up a few awards. These are my supporters, who have waited patiently:

via Whitney Carter

via jmmcdowell
via Cheesecake Summer


Please visit these folks. They shouldn’t pay for my tardiness.

I’ve shared new stuff on my Interview Robin page. Thank you everyone who has asked a question. I’m indebted to you, too.

I’m departing from tradition and recommending one site for all three awards. It may be lazy of me, but Indigo Spider is attempting a mighty job and needs a mighty following. Check it out:

Indigo Spider (and for my deep cobalt arachnid, pick up any, all, or none of these awards at your leisure.)

Finally a plug for DIY Romance, also in the process of reaching out to writers. It’s a project site I share with you, also deserving of a visit and, perhaps, your own diy romance stories.


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Whoa, I was shocked to see this! Congrats on your awards and I don’t know what to say to you giving me all three awards! So kind, thank you 🙂

Comment by Indigo Spider

I hope this helped!

Comment by Robin Hawke

Wow, kudos!!

Comment by WhitneyCarter


Comment by Robin Hawke


Comment by lynnette-net

Thanks, it’s always a pleasure!

Comment by Robin Hawke

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