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Coq au Vin
February 10, 2012, 3:45 PM
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Choose firm, earthy-colored mushrooms. Discard those with spots or slimy gills. Brown everything in sizzling butter: floured chicken, pearl onions, mushrooms, some carrots, much garlic with a pinch of thyme. Be rash, use high heat to sear these flavors. My recipe departs from the traditional one—here—when everything caramelizes, gets crusty, pour wine in the pot. Submerge everything in wine. Add more. Open another bottle. Forget chicken stock; forget hoarding mushrooms until the last fifteen minutes of cooking; forget it all while there’s time to grab another romp through the woods. Let everything simmer while you stoke appetites.

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So vivid, Robin, and completely different from everything else I’ve read this morning. You certainly stoked my appetite!

Comment by elmowrites

A completely different take on the prompt Robin.
Your vivid descriptions certainly had my mouth watering.

Comment by Mike

LOL, hot stuff, Robin! I loved the implications of “Let everything simmer while you stoke appetites.” Well written. 🙂

Comment by Siobhan Muir

That was great! I read recipes all the time, it’s fascinating reading and about time someone used the form here. It’s like erotic writing, but more useful! Big points for originality!

Comment by Carlos Repuesto de la Tabla

Ha! I made Coq au Vin for Valentine’s Day a couple years ago…I even wrote about it in a food blog I used to write. (If you’re interested:

Great and different take on the prompt. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to cook and enjoyed this.

~Susan (here’s my 100 words:

Comment by Susan Wenzel (@SusanWenzel)

Now I have to make coq au vin. Beautifully done.

Comment by Leila

What a great take on the 100-word challenge! I’m curious, though. Is that “open another bottle” for the chicken, or the chef? ; )

Comment by jmmcdowell

That was extremely clever – and delightfully erotic. Stoke those appetites, Robin!

Comment by Lindaura Glamoura

Great post–I’m still salivating! 🙂 Mine is at

Comment by V. L. Gregory-Pohlenz

Great imagery. Love ‘romp through the woods’ and adding more wine. Always important.

Comment by 4amWriter

I think the most pivotal phrase in your flash is this one: “…forget it all while there’s time to grab another romp through the woods.”

Loved this and it felt like more than a Coq au vin recipe 🙂

Comment by Madison Woods

Aha! Another champignon… er champion of fine dining and romps in the woods! 🙂

Here’s my story:

Comment by LupusAnthropos

What a fun way to present a recipe – and a recipe for fun! Enjoyed it!

To see mine:

Comment by Judee

Truly creative. Great play on appetites.

Comment by writingbothsidesVincent

If this is how you cook, I’m coming over for supper!

Very descriptive and engaging take on the prompt! Great job.

The link to my drabble is:

Comment by Quill Shiv

I loved this! When it opened I had to double check that I was indeed reading a flash fiction piece, but then it opened up into something so tantalizing. This was amazing.

Here’s mine:

Comment by miq

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