Robin Hawke

The Bride
February 11, 2012, 3:54 PM
Filed under: All Writing Challenges, Love and Romance

The day of my wedding, mist settled and mud collected on my hem. My father held an umbrella for me. Taking his arm, I sensed the beginnings of a headache. Squeezing my eyes, I managed a smile and a kiss. I set one foot down after another. Dull pain increased with each step. Dismissing it, I let fear fold into the sheath that protected my nerves and waited for a cue.

Pain increased, localized. I rubbed my skull with a hand under the veil, trying not to disturb a hair concoction. Double doors opened. My dubious doll smile went ahead down the aisle. Music swirled. I gathered myself in that stately walk to the man I loved. If tiny velvet nubs sprouted from my head, no one noticed.

Then came that perfunctory pause. Our minister waited for reasons we should not join. I looked over the congregation. By now, everyone noticed the twin antlers growing. I thought I should speak. My mouth pursed, but words stilled.

We exchanged vows.

Each point of my horns dulled with each word of acceptance. A final pronouncement heard, music trumpeted. My new husband grabbed an elbow while I disguised hooves in the bouquet.

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Extraordinary story. It reminded me of growing angel wings. Did she keep the horns and hooves or do they only grow on special occasions ?

Comment by tigerbrite

I believe they kept. Thank you!

Comment by Robin Hawke

This is one of those stories I know is good by how I feel after reading it, but I can’t put a finger on it. Unsettled? Reaching for more?

Comment by Kay Camden

I adored this! A person can interpret it in multiple ways and that’s why I chuckled on my first reading. On my second reading, I took a different perspective on how to read the semiotics and the story seemed much more serious to me. Well done!

Comment by Tracy Hutchinson

I appreciate the effort taken! Thank you, Robin

Comment by Robin Hawke

Simply delicious!

Comment by theyellowkite

I really felt what I took to be her nerves and worries that she wasn’t doing the right thing. Good story – liked it.

Comment by loustar02

This is one of those stories that feels too simple, and yet when I reread it, I can’t quite figure out what I could do to make it feel fuller. Thank you for all your comments; I’ll leave well enough alone!

Comment by Robin Hawke

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