Robin Hawke

Tea Rose
February 20, 2012, 7:47 PM
Filed under: Three Sentence Stories

I hate secrets that peek above the sheets: adultery hidden in the tale about dry cleaning; concealing an unwanted pregnancy with the admission of poor grades; accounts of junkets that encode financial information. The secrets hang in the air while the valiant storyteller sprays a surfeit of air freshener. And we all smooth things out with pinched nostrils.


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Hi, i just happened o your blog and decided to read a little. This piece makes me think of that old saying. The only reason evil prevails, is that good men do nothing. Here it seems obvious whats going on, but everyone just closes there eyes and wait for it to disappear. The secret isn’t really much of a secret. I could be wrong though. It could be a guilty relationship between two married individuals. The passing of adulterous gifts, the covering up of evidence. either way its profound, and makes me think. Awesome.

Comment by jeremythurston

Welcome! and thank you!

Comment by Robin Hawke

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