Robin Hawke

Big and Little
March 10, 2012, 2:57 PM
Filed under: Three Sentence Stories

Trudy practiced her forms, punches and kicks, determined to exact precision. With a newly earned green belt in the closet, she tooled the city dressed in powerful confidence. Epiphany struck when she stood beside three massive men on the subway platform.


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This reminds me of a story a friend told. One of his friends felt safe one night when a mugger approached because he had a brown belt. It turned out the mugger had a black. Wisdom followed the loss of his wallet.

Comment by jmmcdowell

I was struck by the higher stakes (stolen wallet) of your three sentence story and how yours ended with a truism/moral/takeaway, making it feel like a fable. It was interesting to compare it to mine. Thanks for sharing it!

Comment by Robin Hawke

Well, I cheated with 4 sentences 😉 But I would never have come up with it on my own. I’m learning from your excellent stories. 🙂

Comment by jmmcdowell

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