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March 10, 2012, 4:29 PM
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I’m about to tweak my blog: lately, I’ve devoted less time to it (more on this in a coming post) resulting in a lack of variety. I’m committed to a three sentence story every day, but I’m wondering how to generate more interaction between writing visitors.  Any suggestions? What would you like to see here? Trials of a writer, or lessons learned, or critical endeavors? I’ve many loyal visitors and I want to thank you by keeping this place shiny and worth a visit. I appreciate all feedback!


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Just let that thought simmer a while, something will arise and be a natural extension of what you are already doing, it might be sharing your inspiration, it might be about the writing process, but I think the answer is already in you.

I like to read your snippets of writing and I like it when you share a little more than that too.

Comment by Claire 'Word by Word'

I agree with Claire!

Comment by columbibueno

I always enjoy reading about a fellow writer’s experiences—for example, things they’ve learned from mistakes or an interesting article/book that I may have missed.

One thing I’ve noticed in my brief blogging career is that new followers often don’t look at earlier posts. (I’m guilty of the same thing—most of us can’t read blogs all day!) “About Me” will get quite a few hits, but not many of my first posts do. So I’ve been thinking of revisiting some of my earlier topics, which I think were good, but just didn’t have the audience.

So if you have something you covered some time ago that you really liked, you could consider doing something similar for your newer readers.

I even enjoy posts that say “Hey, I had a great day writing today, I got …..” or “It was a tough day for writing. I was stuck on ….” It can be reassuring to a reader to know that other writers are going through similar experiences. (We all know this objectively, but it’s hard to remember sometimes.)

Chances are, if you post about a topic you enjoy or that interests you, you’ll write it in a way that readers will like, too.

I look forward to reading whatever you might come up with!

Comment by jmmcdowell

I agree with the above. As I’ve been reading other blogs, I find I also enjoy personal notes about their writing process and some about their lives. I’ve tried to add the same into my posts.
But please don’t give up on your short-shorts. They are fun to read.
I keep thinking you need away to market these.

Comment by MythRider Phyllis Moore

More about how you see the world around you (via pictures or writing) might be nice… I think a writer’s best resource is how they experience the world around them. 🙂

Comment by Tracy Hutchinson

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