Robin Hawke

March 11, 2012, 3:54 PM
Filed under: Three Sentence Stories

The stairs were narrow.There was no elevator. The daily trek up five flights, a toll on all relatives with groceries, was glorified for keeping Suzanne’s Parisian (bent and crotchety) grandmother spry.


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Sounds familiar, the real reason why french women don’t get fat and stay trim.

Comment by ClaireMcA

Do they frequent the McDonald’s on the corner? Or is that a restaurant just for tourists?

Comment by Robin Hawke

They do, but it’s always in a part of town where no one will see them, it’s banned from the centre of town.

Comment by ClaireMcA

Ahh! That’s a story: the secretive yearnings of a woman bent on getting a burger and white bread fix!

Comment by Robin Hawke

…and dress down for MacDo’s (that’s what they call it) dress up for ‘la ville’. I think its the kids that have lead their parents to it to be honest, the reason its becoming more popular, a coming of age thing, one of the few places in town that hires young people.

Comment by ClaireMcA

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