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Live a Little
March 14, 2012, 6:48 PM
Filed under: Three Sentence Stories

I heard a gun pop. I screamed before my throat closed on a gurgle. I rejoiced in a brief resurrection on the evening news.

We are all influenced by what we’ve read. Above, I imitate the best opening lines I know, from “No Saints or Angels” by Ivan Klima, translated by Gerald Turner:

I killed my husband last night. I used a dental drill to bore a hole in his skull. I waited to see if a dove would fly out but out came a big black crow instead.

I don’t think I succeeded in stringing together three sentences beginning with ‘I’, but it was fun to try.


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It’s interesting that I alway try to avoid starting too many sentences in a row with the same word. I would’ve edited those opening lines of Klima’s if they were mine. That would’ve been a mistake!

Comment by jmmcdowell

I heard. I screamed. I rejoiced.
I killed. I used. I waited.

Divorced from the rest of the sentence, there’s a certain power in the repetition. Maybe that’s the clue–to make sure they stand up to one another?

Comment by Robin Hawke

Robin! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogging Award! Check it out here:

Comment by KD

Thank you! I’m late in replying but I’m attempting to get to a place where I can pick it up!

Comment by Robin Hawke

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