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Versatile Award
March 21, 2012, 6:45 PM
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Ohhhhhh. Receiving awards is a mixed blessing. I love receiving. Not so recently, Pam Young and KD both awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you and apologies for the late acceptance.

Hem, hem. I’m blushing as I accept the award because this blog has been mired with a problem many of us face, too little time. I write my posts as quickly as I can, try not to think of taxes and dishes, and, to tell the truth, hope that someone is paying attention because I’m not reading the blogs I care about. I’ve missed opportunities to support others, but I’m going to take this one and pass it on, even if I haven’t fulfilled its requirements. I’ve run out of time as I’ll be blogging from parking lots for the next few weeks; I must pass it on now or be totally uncool.

Interesting info about me? Pending. Ask Robin. (Still uncool.)

My nominations—these people have supported me through recent lean times, showing they are versatile:

1) jmmcdowell

2)  Mythrider

3) Write a Book with Me

4) Word by Word

5) Woman Wielding Words

6) Ironwoodwind

7) My other book is a Tolstoy

8) Write Am I

9) 4amWriter

10) Postcard Fiction

11) hyperbatic

12) columbibueno

Nominees: please feel free to pass over or pass on the award. Thank you for your visits.


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Hey, congratulations on the award! And I know how the time constraints are. I’m feeling it myself these days. And thanks for the nomination!

Hang in there. 🙂

Comment by jmmcdowell

congratulations on the award. Your writing is wonderful and I do so love the commentary you ad after. And thank you so much for thinking of me!

Comment by Janet

You are deserving (as always) of the awards. And thank you so much for passing to me. BTW, I love the ‘Ask Robin’ page and am going to shamelessly appropriate it. 🙂

Thanks again!

Comment by Leila

Thanks for the nomination, Robin. I always enjoy your writing, and don’t worry about the give and take of this craziness called blogging. We all go through phases where there just isn’t enough time to devote to everything. That’s just part of life.

Take it easy!

Comment by 4amWriter

Blogging from parking lots sounds dire indeed!
Don’t worry, I’m reading and enjoying all your posts, so know that your efforts are not in vain. 🙂 I really like the analysis of the snippets that you’ve been doing. The discussions they trigger are quite interesting.
Anyway, thank you so much for thinking of me with the award! I’m thrilled to be nominated and be in the company of so many other great blogs.
Keep at it. I’m cheering for you!

Comment by Kirsten

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