Robin Hawke

Saving a Place
April 6, 2012, 1:41 PM
Filed under: Three Sentence Stories

Yesterday was the first day I was unable to post the story I wrote. I knew the day would come—an internet connection can be a tenuous link—but I feel defeated. I shouldn’t. I wrote this story in the car and on the day:

Sarah, with a sunny day off, went shopping. Her route took her through consignment and thrift stores. At every stop, mink and fox furs held fast to hangers, the bookmarks of eras.

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You shouldn’t feel defeated. You wrote, and you posted!

The mink and fox furs paint a vivid picture, like a peek into the dusty window of another’s life. Thought provoking. 🙂

Comment by Kirsten

Thanks for the encouragement! I agree…but for that date mark under a post! It lies.

I tried several times during the drive home to get on the internet. Even logged in and began posting once, but my ancient laptop or wireless card kept dropping the connection. Frustrating. Anyone want to buy a box of old transistors and circuits?

Comment by Robin Hawke

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