Robin Hawke

A Flat Road
April 18, 2012, 11:18 AM
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Blogging has become my only (tenuous) link to writing. Every time I see the way clear to practice writing, something happens. I’m about to hit the road again: this road shows yield signs and unfamiliar intersections but little chance to drive the keyboard with steady rat tat tats.

To my faithful readers: It is hard to sound out how appreciative I am of your visits. I thought I’d be able to catch up with your blogs and your progress in the coming week. My world changed and I must navigate. I’ll drive myself to write the three sentence stories, knowing that grammar will slip off the page and word choices will be imprecise. Each story I manage will be my patch of tarmac. Temporary. Each is a promise to myself to stay on the write road. Thanks again for your support.

I’m hanging in there:

Chu says ‘…that because you proceed through a series of plateaus, so there’s like radical improvement up to a certain plateau and then what looks like a stall, on the plateau, with the only way to get off one of the plateaus and climb up to the next one up ahead is with a whole lot of frustrating mindless repetitive practice and patience and hanging in there.’

—from Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

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Sigh. Life happens. Sometimes the best we can do is find inspiration in it for later creative moments.

Comment by jmmcdowell

Even these little tidbits are writing, and your dedication to this has been very inspiring to me! I am confident that, no matter where your road leads, you will always find your way back to your words.
Thanks for the excerpt from a book that I keep meaning to read. 🙂

Comment by Kirsten

Dear Robin,

Breathe deep and remember that we, your readers, go through the same sort of trials. Life comes at you in waves. i’m being battered right now as well, so I can relate. I’ll always be waiting patiently for more of you.



Comment by dmmacilroy

Making it to the plateau is good, when you’ve rested you will look back and see how far you have come. For now just experience the moment. A pause is ok. Often necessary.

Comment by Claire 'Word by Word'

I don’t always get to your blog to make comments, but I do read your three lines when they come to my email.

Comment by MythRider

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