Robin Hawke


I wrote my first six word story on August 19, 2011:

Love seconds, if I hit redial.

I was cheered, lucky:  a college friend immediately emailed her support for more short short writing. She said something about marathons and sprints–I wish I could recapture her words–the gist was that training for marathons requires intensive, powerful bursts of exercise.

Since August 19th, I’ve written a six word story every day.

Almost one month later, on September 11, I attended an outdoor craft fair in Old Alexandria, Virginia. The streets were closed to traffic. Men in tuxedos walked out of a church, looking for something to eat. I sat down on a four inch stone window ledge and wrote in a spiral bound (notable for all the words I’ve crossed in it) notebook:

The bride kept dancing with Steve.

That month I submitted the story for a contest…and I won! My story will be published in Fast Forward Press’s next anthology of flash fiction. The prize is beyond thrilling and, like my best friend, provides me with another straw of incentive to continue writing.

Thank you Lys, thank you Fast Forward Press, thank you blog subscribers, thank you anonymous men in tuxes.