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Voice Week Recap
October 3, 2011, 10:02 PM
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I debated participating in Voice Week 2011. Worried it would push publication of my next book, Recommending Honey, back by a week, which it did, I almost clicked away from the site.

But, the opportunity was too alluring. It was a challenge; it would lead me to discovery; there was certain surprise (I had no idea what to write about, the voices I’d want to explore); the voyage included other like-minded writers.

I learned by writing, by reading, by analyzing, by commiserating and by constraint. Always, mistakes teach me more than successes. I learned punctuation is a variable–some characters prefer commas to semicolons and I agonized over a period and also a colon; I learned to distrust the words that came naturally; I learned syntax will nail a voice more surely than vocabulary words.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to comment on my five voices and a special thank you for bekindrewrite who constructed the necessary restraints to let these voices out.

In order (opposite of blog order):

Voice 1
Voice 2
Voice 3
Voice 4
Voice 5

The 100th Post

For years, I’ve wanted to challenge myself to do something, anything, for 365 consecutive days–besides breathing, feeding and dreaming.

Imagine 365 six word stories. How will they distinguish themselves?

I’ve never identified myself as a blogger, but here I am, 100 posts here, almost 50 posts on DIY Romance, with a grand ambition: a six word story, a three sentence story, writing challenges–writing daily stories for a year, and, if I manage that, an ambitious five years of storytelling. Well, at least three, if the power stays on, there aren’t any earthquakes or hurricanes, and I keep my appendix.

Imagine the stories. Thousands of stories. Simply put stories. Stories I’ve written. Every darn day.

I’m familiar with the creative process. I understand pushing addled I’ll-refine-it-later and regurgitating it-worked-then ideas. These always precede another stage of creation—the one I wish would visit me every day—the stage where I crack my limitations to drop something of value.

Imagine 365 days of telling stories, all the fits and starts, the mental pounding I’ll take, the mirific, stopdrous, pleajorvous eurekas.

I’ve lived my life striving to be a better person. Every darn day. If stories renew our love for life, realign our priorities, or help us feel more compassion for others—then my daily posts will stand as celebrations of that quest.