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A Week of Six Word Stories, December 13-19
December 20, 2011, 4:06 PM
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John explained his love with texts.

Lara chose to believe Ray’s love.

Easy loving was hard on Minnie.

High tech solitude visited the newlyweds.

Somebody whispered an I love you.

The prizefighter crashed on Lori’s bed.

Early days. The rush thrived on promises.

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(These stories were posted, one by one, on DIY Romance, where you will find more six word stories. Feel free to submit your own.)


I wrote my first six word story on August 19, 2011:

Love seconds, if I hit redial.

I was cheered, lucky:  a college friend immediately emailed her support for more short short writing. She said something about marathons and sprints–I wish I could recapture her words–the gist was that training for marathons requires intensive, powerful bursts of exercise.

Since August 19th, I’ve written a six word story every day.

Almost one month later, on September 11, I attended an outdoor craft fair in Old Alexandria, Virginia. The streets were closed to traffic. Men in tuxedos walked out of a church, looking for something to eat. I sat down on a four inch stone window ledge and wrote in a spiral bound (notable for all the words I’ve crossed in it) notebook:

The bride kept dancing with Steve.

That month I submitted the story for a contest…and I won! My story will be published in Fast Forward Press’s next anthology of flash fiction. The prize is beyond thrilling and, like my best friend, provides me with another straw of incentive to continue writing.

Thank you Lys, thank you Fast Forward Press, thank you blog subscribers, thank you anonymous men in tuxes.

New, I Hope Improved

I have a new lease on this blog. Friendly encouragement, glee crafting six word stories and understanding (of how to mesh my readers’ wants with blog and personal requirements) are providing excitement for the days ahead.

I’ve changed categories; I’ve moved posts, added new, deleted a few.  Most importantly, I’ve discovered the joys of self-imposed constraints. Budget constraints, spatial constraints, time constraints all play a part in the creative process, often for a project’s betterment.

The six word story provides and demands an imposing, but redeeming, constraint. I noticed that many six word stories might be divided into three sentences, so I’ve adapted the six word story into a three sentence story constraint for this blog. I’ll post my DIY Romance six word stories here, too, but weekly.

Excited, engaged, no longer thoughtless, bursting to tell–it’s good to blog. The first three sentence story went up today. Come back tomorrow for another.