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Mind the Gap
January 29, 2012, 5:06 PM
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There’s a gap, I’m going to call it January and thank you January is almost over, between the sides of my brain. If I spend too long on one side, the gap gets wider. It’s quite lovely on the right, energizing and relaxing. The left is full of shoulds and would yous and couldn’t yous. I’ll mind January (two more days!) and tick my shoulds.

In the meantime, I need help. I’m behind on a few blogging awards. If you would, leave me a question or two. Some whats, whys and hows. Leave them here and I’ll be so grateful for you and February.


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What is your favorite part of the changing seasons?

Comment by cestlavie22

Fall, the colors
Winter, when it snows me in
Spring, early flowers
Summer, the long days

Comment by Robin Hawke

I’m a bit confused about the difference between the Romantic genre and a Harlequin Romance. Can you explain?

Comment by Tracy Hutchinson

Somewhere along the line, the decision was made that a contemporary romance must have a happy ending and often a substantial dose of the related genre, erotica. Harlequin is a publisher trying to make profitable decisions and perhaps this sells more books.

When I think of great romances, I think of Harold and Maude, of Tristan and Isolde, of the owl and the pussycat, of Beauty and the Beast, of Orpheus and Eurydice, of Jane Eyre and Rochester. These stories do not require a happy ending, nor do the participants in the tale fall in love with each other because of their fleshy parts.

Note: I write small romances–lives change but the world doesn’t–with happy endings as a nod to current genre expectations. However, I hope never to cross the line that allows my main characters to objectify each other because of their lusts.

Comment by Robin Hawke

Hey! I like fleshy parts! lol.Thanks for your response, Robin.

Comment by Tracy Hutchinson

I do too!

Comment by Robin Hawke

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